SFG Soccer is a video game available on PC and Xbox 360 that was played in a series by Simon. Fellow Sideman Harry has also played this game less frequently.

Description Edit

When the series began in March, Simon loudly dubbed the game as a "FIFA killer" and stated that he decided to play SFG Soccer because he was fed up with EA's treatment of FIFA 15, although he acknowledged it was a fun game to play.

The SFG Soccer series saw Simon operating a soccer team called "Buttmunchers FC". All of the team's six players were based off of the rest of the Sidemen, and a running gag throughout the episodes involved Simon going to interact with his fellow Sidemen based on their character doing significantly well or badly during a match. (For example, in the "TO THE PLAYOFFS" episode, a character based off of Vik scored a last-second game-winner, prompting Simon to visit Vik and give him a bottle of a German Pilsner called Fucking Hell as a MVP award.)

After sixteen episodes, the series concluded with the Buttmunchers winning the SFG Cup, but when Simon saw the game didn't give you any real special award for the win, Simon immediately left and proclaimed that the game was worse than FIFA.

Harry's videos Edit

Albeit not in a series like Simon, Harry has played SFG Soccer.

His first video of the game was a video done with Calfreezy released on April 21, 2015 called "WE GOT SCAMMED!" SFG Soccer was not actually the main game of the video; after Harry bought a faulty copy of FIFA 08 off of Amazon that would stop from an error a certain point into the game, Harry and Freezy played SFG Soccer to cheer themselves up.

His second video and first solo video of the game was released on May 4, 2015 and was called "LEAKED FIFA 16 FOOTAGE", four months before the game would actually come out. In the video, Harry joked about how SFG Soccer was actually FIFA 16. Many did not like Harry's clickbait ploy, and the video gained over 36,000 dislikes. Harry's SFG team was called "Banter Boys", and consisted of Black Goalie, Your Nan, Callux, Adolf Hitler, Ethan's Mum, and Emile Heskey. At the end of the video, he cracked that SFG Soccer was more fun to play than FIFA 16 would probably be.

Episode list Edit

  4. "EPIC FINALE!!!!!!"
  5. "DIVISION 3!!!!!!"
  6. "HITTING GYM!!"
  10. "HOW DID I MISS THAT?!?!?!!"
  12. "CAN I MAKE IT?!?!?!!"
  13. "I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT?!?!?!!"
  14. "RETURN OF THE NECK?!?!?!!"
  15. "BIGGEST MISTAKE?!?!?!!"
  16. "IS THIS THE END?!?!?!!"