Dorito crash course cover

Doritos Crash Course is an Xbox Live Arcade-exclusive sidescrolling platformer game that Ethan, Josh, Simon, and Harry played in April 2014.

Game description Edit

Players control their Xbox 360 avatars and run through stages of increasing difficulty with obstacles such as swinging hammers and conveyor belts of different speeds and general directions. There are checkpoints that you run through and respawn at if you fall into the water. The game consists of three locales (USA, Europe, Japans) with five levels in each locale. It was released as one of the finalists in a Doritos-sponsored competition called "Unlock Xbox" three weeks before it was announced the winner.

Recurring discussion Edit

A lot of the series's humor was based around Harry's consistent screwups that would always earn him last place on each level or, even worse, a DNF in the form of a chicken that you get from allowing the game to skip you to the next checkpoint. However, at the end of Harry's second Crash Course video "F**KING PAINTBALLS", he finally won his first run.

Usually, the loser at the end of each video was forced to put on a chicken impression.