A book is a written or printed work consisting of multiple pages attached together. It is an item that you typically read, just in case you didn't know.

Recently, "big" YouTuber's have started writing books of their own. Titles such as 'Username: Evie' by Joe Sugg, 'BINGE' by Tyler Oakley, 'The Pointless Book' by Alfie Deyes and 'This Book Loves You' by PewDiePie have all become best-sellers globally.

KSIOlajideBT, being the mature mortal he is, decided to write and publish a book entitled 'I Am A Bellend'.

The Sidemen also wrote a book together called: "Sidemen: The Book"

List of Books Written by YouTubersEdit

YouTuber Book Release Date
PointlessBlog "The Pointless Book"
"The Pointless Book 2"
"The Scrapbook of My Life"
4 September 2014
26 March 2015
24 March 2016
Zoella "Girl Online"
"Girl Online: On Tour"
"Girl Online: Going Solo"
25 November 2014
20 October 2015
17 November 2016
Tanya Burr "Love, Tanya"
"Tanya Bakes"
29 January 2015
30 June 2016
Shane Dawson "I Hate Myselfie: A Collection of Essays..." 10 March 2015
ConnorFranta "A Work in Progress" 21 April 2015
JoeyGraceffa "In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World" 19 May 2015
Miranda Sings "Selp-Helf" 21 July 2015
Marcus Butler "Hello Life!" 28 July 2015
ThatcherJoe "Username: Evie"
"Username: Regenerated"
10 September 2015
22 September 2016
KSI "I Am A Bellend" 24 September 2015
Dan and Phil "The Amazing Book is Not on Fire" 8 October 2015
Tyler Oakley "BINGE" 20 October 2015
PewDiePie "This Book Loves You" 20 October 2015
Caspar "Caspar Lee" 31 May 2016
Oli White "Generation Next" 31 May 2016
The Sidemen "Sidemen: The Book" 18 October 2016