Certain members of the Ultimate Sidemen are regular victims of banterous remarks and jokes from the rest of the group. Most of them are very specific and focus on a particular aspect of that member's personality.

Overview Edit


  • Homosexuality - Ethan is regularly referenced to as being gay by various members of the group as well as numerous online associates. Although not necessarily used as an insult anymore (after the Sidemen were accused of homophobic bullying), he always denies this accusation and subsequently goes into great detail about his true sexual preferences - which is, allegedly, females.


  • Incest - Harry has always been accused of coming from an inbred family. Comments are also made about his incestuous relationship with his "sister". These accusations originate from the common Guernsey stereotype. Although not officially confirmed, Harry is thought to have been born into a normal, non-incestuous family.
  • Racism - Members of the Sidemen and online associates of theirs often call Harry racist.
  • Breaking Chairs - Harry, in many of his early videos, would end up getting mad, resulting in screaming and throwing (and breaking) chairs. He has broken over 14 chairs.


  • Daddy - In reference to Josh being the oldest Sideman, as well as the fact that he has a beard, he is often referred to as the "daddy" of the group. This remark is more so used by the fans and followers of the Sidemen but is often picked up on from the inside, especially by Simon.


  • Paedophilia - Vik, due to being a Minecraft YouTuber away from the Sidemen, is accused of being attracted to children. This is because his Minecraft gaming community and channel followers are perceived to be children under the age of 12.
  • Indian - He is often edited to be dancing along to the song Mundian To Bach Ke


  • Rapping- KSI is made fun of by the sidemen, for rapping and saying that he isn't a real rapper, and that his "bars" are weak. His hair and bizarre fashion style is also insulted regularly.